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Customer Reviews

★★★★★  "Sparky is a great cat but doesn’t have the best aim. The Pee-Pee Shield has saved me frequent cleanups. Love this product!" - Bill L.

★★★★★  "Have ordered twice from this shop. Very pleased with shields. Work well in litter box. Saves walls and baseboard!" -   Traci Williams

★★★★★  "This is a great idea" - Deirdre

★★★★★  "Somebody needs to invent a better litter box. In the meantime this is just what I needed! Thanks for super fast shipping!" - thegolfmom

★★★★★  "Great product, and really fast shipping!" - Wattl77

★★★★★  "My package arrived really past and was very well packaged. They had well put together instructions on how to place the shield. I would highly recommend!" - dpack15

★★★★★  "Fine product fast delivery thanks." - Kemtitec

★★★★★  "These Pee Pee Shields are terrific! We moved into an apartment where the only space for the litter box is in our downstairs bathroom in a tiny space, wedged between the toilet and the sink cabinet. Our cat Roxy does not have the greatest aim, and things were getting stressful. But now, there's no more litter or mess flung about, and everything lands where it should. Thank you, Pee Pee Shields!" - Rebecca

★★★★★  "Pee pee shield works out great. I put them on one litter box & am going to order two more sets for two other litter boxes. They are made well, and look good on the litter box also. I wish you could order them in a longer size though, for the length of the litter boxes. I texted the pictures & info to my friend, that has 10 cats, rescues cats, and has a business taking care of peoples cats. We have been talking about why someone has not made something like this, for several years now. Thank you VERY much." - Vivian

★★★★★  "This product saved our laundry room! We have a very large kitten who we’ve come to find is a “high pee-er”. No matter how high the litter boxes we bought were, he would pee over the side and onto our laundry room tile floors. He is scared of enclosed spaces, so a covered box was out of the question. We were at our wit’s end until I came across this product. Not once since we’ve put these on our litter boxes has our kitten gotten pee anywhere outside the box. They are easy to remove for cleaning and thick enough to hold up for long periods of time." - Caitlin R.

★★★★★  "This keeps the cats from spraying outside of their litter box. Much easier to keep clean and less smelly!" - L. Amonette

★★★★★  "I got the Pee Pee Shield & Litter Shield for my cat Hugo and am sooo glad I did. There is a lot less litter on the floor and no Pee at all. Even when I had a tall sided pan she would still miss and it would somehow land on the floor. Hugo loves it, I love it!

★★★★★  "My cat Hugo will not use the enclosed litter boxes and she is 11 years old and has some mobility issues. She loves throwing her litter and has a tendency to somehow pee outside the box. The Pee Pee Shield & Litter Shield was the solution. I have a lot less litter on the floor and no Pee or poop messes at all. Great product!" - Kimberly Cartmell

★★★★★  "Our elderly cat needed a new litter box due to mobility issues and when we got one that would be suitable for him our younger cat kept missing the box and hitting the wall. Thankfully I found these shields! Great product, easy to install, and quick shipping…much appreciated!" - gerberra

★★★★★  "Works great! quality item" - Traci Williams

★★★★★  "These work great! My cat doesn't care for enclosed litter boxes, so I purchased these for three sides of his litter pan which greatly reduce his aggressive flinging of sand everywhere and possibly other things! Highly recommended if you have a messy cat. Very fast shipping also!" - Susan Delaney

★★★★★  "I thought I tried everything - different size litter boxes, multiple boxes, boxes with and without covers - but nothing was working. Then I found the Pee Pee Shield and saw the video on their website site and it all made sense. I’m so happy to have found this item. No more cat pee on the litter mat or on the floor. I’m so thrilled. I highly recommend this product. Don’t delay! Grab one now!" - Suzanne Champagne

★★★★  "This totally solved my litter box issues. My high pee’r is totally contained, no more daily cleanup." - Rita Sather

★★★★★  "I was skeptical about these but they are great. Flexible enough to fit the shape and size of my litter box. Sturdy enough that my cats won't bend them. The sticky back is very strong. I haven't used them long but so far they seem to be perfect for my needs." - Jill

★★★★★  "They are great to have for my cats, very helpful." - theresaflores2112

★★★★★  - Mark Molvihill

★★★★★  "The Pee Pee Shield worked great! My cat kept overshooting the side of the litter box and hitting the wall. It would run down to the floor and smell and look gross. The Pee Pee Shield stopped that from happening! It's easy to put on and take off when I need to wash the litter box." - Wendy Woody

★★★★★  "This very clever shield is perfect for my cats' needs. I like the velcro, making it possible to remove the shields for cleaning. Nothing else I found out there was similar to this." - Rebecca Pepper

★★★★★  "Blazingly fast shipping! The shields look and work just as described! Haven’t had any accidents since attaching them to the litter box." - David Edwards

★★★★★  - saorisenyl

★★★★★  "This “cat pee shield” was a game changer. Good quality item and does exactly what it intends to do. My cat began to stand while “doing his business” and it was going over the side of the litter box. I was putting paper towels, etc to catch it and I was exasperated! This prevents that from happening. Perfect solution. Thank you!" - jane gluckman

★★★★★  - rackita

★★★★★  "The shields are good sized, and the Velcro is very sticky. Holds the shields in place very securely." - Mary Jones

★★★★★ "They are purrfect! This is exactly what my cat needed and it will solve her high peeing. Very sturdy, thanks for creating." - cmr

★★★★★  - Nerissa Clark

★★★★★  "So helpful! Had no idea what I was going to do with my cat peeing outside of the litter box until I found these. HIGHLY recommend to anyone with a cat that doesn't aim well... or is tall. Took me less than 5 minutes to put in the litter box and cleans super easy." - Miranda Rullman

★★★★★  "Perfect product. Cured the issue of the cat peeing over the litter box." - Bernie

★★★★★ "This is my second purchase of these so I could fix up all of my litter boxes and they arrived lightening fast! I have multiple boxes for my 4 cats, one of which likes to aim high. I used 4 of the shields on the corner type of litter box. I used one each at the back sides of the box and then folded one in half to crease it slightly and then attached it to each front corner near the litter box opening. It worked out great! The shields also help keep litter contained better. No more cats jumping over the side of a box and dumping it over! Thank you for making this product that solves many litter box woes!" - Stephanie B.

★★★★★  - Chrissy Keyser

★★★★★ "2nd time I bought from this vendor. Superior quality. A lot of copycats. These guys are the original." - Lynda Miller

★★★★★  - Maryann

★★★★★ "This thing is great. No issues with pee out of the litter box since I installed it. Wish I knew about this years ago!" - Zachary Black

★★★★★ "Our new cat aims high when he pees and it goes over the top of the highest sided box I could find. This is exactly what I need to contain that. So glad I found this. This will be so much better and easier than resorting to a covered litter box. Will return for more! Thanks so much!" - Stephanie B.

★★★★★ "We tried many things to get our cat to stop peeing over the top of her litter box, nothing worked until we used peepeeshield! It was so easy to install in the box and our cat doesn't even notice it. The sheets are sturdy and easy to clean. Thank you for saving our moulding and floor!" - Susan Hakiman

★★★★★ "BEST THING EVER! Solved all our problems easily and immediately. Simple and effective." - Mark

★★★★★ "This is a great, practical product. I probably could've ordered one more since I have an extra large litter box but I think it covers what it needs to and it's definitely more attractive than what I was using previously which was cardboard and duct tape. Super fast shipping as well." - Molly Mullany

★★★★★ "This item is exactly what I needed for my cat! It's very easy to install and also very easy to clean. I highly recommend this product!" - Kaylie

★★★★★ "Awesome product! Will be back for more - thanks!" - Steve Natalo

★★★★★ "This helped my rabbit so much everything stays inside, thank you!" - lolani Simons

★★★★★ "This is exactly what I needed. Definitely working to keep my cat from making a mess peeing over the litterbox. Just wipe clean with litterbox cleaner." - Mary

★★★★★ "Great product" - Samantha Fatheree

★★★★★ "Does the job as described" - Mela

★★★★★ "Easy to clean. I just wish I can make the corners more square. But, still, this is a great product." - Virginia DiBianco

★★★★★ "Perfect. Just what I needed." - Jeanette Trujillo

★★★★★ - Hayley Serna

★★★★★ "Love it!! Great quality, item matched description and even better than expected and it exceeded my expectations. And I received the item in 3 days from order date and it arrived impeccably packaged. If I could give the product and the service more stars, I would. Every cat owner needs these shields. Thank you!!!" - Barbara

★★★★★ "Just what we needed to keep litter IN the box!" - Jeremy Reed

★★★★★ "Must order more! Such an easy solution to my vertical pee'ers. Why some of them wont crouch down I have no idea... but this is the solution. Makes me so happy! Thank you for such a great product. We have 15 cats, quite a few have special needs... litter box control is a necessity around here. Sellers were very nice, shipped fast, communication was great." - saorisenyl

★★★★★ - Hayley Stanton

★★★★★ "Super fast shipping, quality product! My rabbits are no longer spraying pee over the back of their litter box! Thank you!!" - awilkins08

★★★★★ "Absolutely brilliant product!! For the past year my solution has been to cover the walls around my cat's litter box with layers of pee-pee pads and cut up plastic bags held together with duct tape. I was so excited when I came across the PeePee Shield! I ordered 3 of them and they arrived in a few days! The product description matches exactly what the product looks like, how flexible it is, how easy it is to "install" and it's effectiveness. The Shield has a Command Strip made by 3M on the bottom back of it that adheres to the litter box. Once you peel off the backing of the Command Strip make sure you know exactly where you want to put it because once it sticks on it's not coming off, it holds on really, really well. I'm ordering another 3 shields for my second litter box. The product met my expectations!" - Madelyn Chirino

★★★★★ "WOW! I thought I was going to have to endure Miss Kitty's eccentric toilet habits forever until Pee Pee Shield found me. I also was doubtful when I went to install them that Miss Kitty would adapt. She did not like going into the little box and would perch on the edge and readjust her stance several times during her visit to the litterbox. I installed the shields which are so easy and immediately she used the litter box like other kitties and no more sweeping the floor five times a day. We love Pee Pee Shields and recommend them for all cats. Thank you both so much." - Kathy Cole

★★★★★ - tparris21

★★★★★ - Alyssa

★★★★★ "Very innovative and fits perfectly in the area where have the litter box. Does the job. No more pee all over wall." - Kathleen King

★★★★★ - Julia A.

★★★★★ "Well, the USPS cannot read as they shoved my pkg. into the mailbox. I had to put some books on the pkg to flatten them out. Once I did this I was able install with a little effort. I will say I found it easier to pull the sticky side Velcro part off the shield and install because I had to overlap. Trying to do it with the shield attached was very awkward because I kept having to pull it off to adjust and ensure the tape was flush to the litter box. Once I did this I was able to install pretty easily. If I have one suggestion it would be for longer shields. I have xtra large litter boxes & found that though they overlapped they didn’t quite go around the litter box. I think a 20” & two 15” would have fit perfectly & gone completely around. I may order more depending on what happens once my kitty puts to practical use." - Hilly G

★★★★★ "I was not sure if this would work, and was concerned that the shield would smell like urine. To my delight this shield has worked perfectly and does not hold any odors! I had to cut it slightly to fit my litter box, but that did not impact the quality or effectiveness of the shield. I have washed my litter box and shield several times since purchasing with no issues. I would recommend this shield to anyone who is looking to protect their walls from urine splatter." - Cheryl

★★★★★ "These are great! This is my 4th one (2 x 2 litter boxes). I didn't realize I'd need multiples until recently. We have 3 cats, but only one is a sprayer. Thank you so much for making them.  :-) " - Judy A.

★★★★★ "Wanted to thank you for creating a practical, affordable & innocuous looking product. Our 3 year old cak has what is known in feline parlance as "elevator butt." He eschews any kind of enclosed litter box so the PeePeeShield is the perfect solution. A breeze to install. No more messy cleanups. A wipe of the shield is all it takes when he overshoots. Good luck with your business! You have some very happy customers here, including the long legged Pilou." - Judy C.

★★★★★ "What a great idea and and I received them quickly. I have one cat who pees over the side but I also needed a large litter box for another who had very bad arthritis - none of which came with high enough sides. This worked perfectly. Sadly, my cat with arthritis passed not too long after I received these, but I am saving them just in case I need them again. I definitely recommend these pee guards!" - jodyshome

★★★★★ "We have two male cats that pee standing up, causing such a horrible mess and smell. No high wall litter box was enough and covered meant more cleaning where the top and bottom met. We even went as far as building a plexiglass box that we lined with doggy pads. So far this product is doing its job and I cannot be more thrilled. It’s easy to install and clean. Such an innovative design for an issue that I’ve dealt with for years now. Thank you!!!" - Chrissy Keyser

★★★★  - elkoros113191

★★★★★ "These things are great since we have a litter box in a litter cabinet. Our boy would get right up on the sides of the litter box and then it would run out of the cabinet and make a horrible mess. We started with one and then bought two more." - Julia Walls

★★★★★ "If you have an enclosed litter box furniture, these shields are perfect! I recommend at least three to prevent urine spilling over the box, especially with boy cats. My boys use the box, but have ruined the inside sides of my previous furniture. Having the shields keeps the box from smelling, and contains the urine to the box. I no longer have oder issues, or the need to use wee wee pads for over spill. MUCH cleaner!" - Tina Marie

★★★★★  - Brieanne Gallaway

★★★★★ "This product is excellent. My female kitty developed the habit of peeing up the side of then out of the litter box. The Pee Pee Shield was the perfect fix. Ordering another for a second box." - Randi Sanders

★★★★★ "Very happy with my purchase; no more cleaning walls or floor when my cat overshoots the top of the litter box; so glad that I have these shields." - Jennifer

★★★★ "Good quality and easy to use." - C W

★★★★★ "This item met my needs. I have 1 male cat that pees over the high sides of the litter box. This product has helped tremendously to contain that. This design is simple but ingenius, and works very well for me." - Meryl Stoiber

★★★★★ "Excellent , thank you!" - tnboatin99

★★★★★ "So simple, yet so perfect. my male cat likes to pee standing up and makes a mess. this was the perfect solution!" - chelseanenglish

★★★★★ "This is exactly what I have been looking for. It works so well , I ordered another. Communication and shipping were top notch." - Cindy Paternostro

★★★★★ "The shield is a huge saver for us. Shipping was happily faster than expected. The shield is easy to install and a life saver." - Sandi

★★★★★ "Second time buying for all my litter boxes Best Buy yet." - Sarah Parker

★★★★★ "2nd order I placed. Such a great product and wonderful sellers. I still am shocked at how quickly I received the order." - Suzanne Champagne

★★★★★ "Easy to install, holding up well, and no messes!" - Jeanne-Marie Floyd

★★★★★ "This was EXACTLY what I needed for 2 of my male cats who were inadvertently making a stinky gross drippy mess by getting their urine outside and pooling under the open catbox after they were using it , despite having the highest-sided litter box I could find . This is a ultra simple and yet totally awesome invention that I didn’t see anywhere else online to solve my problem. I’m glad to support this small business ! I initially placed the shields incorrectly and customer service was quick to reply and give me the correct simple instruction . I can see that the shields are already working beautifully and making life so much better and cleaner!" - tnboatin99

★★★★★  - Kathleen Smith

★★★★★  - Kellyalayne

★★★★★ "If you have a male need this!" - Heather N Dwayne

★★★★★ "So far these are working great. Easy to install in my litterbox. Thanks!" - Samantha Fatheree

★★★★★ "A lifesaver!  My cat was spraying and getting pee on the walls and under the litter mat.  I attached the shields and now have been able to remove the ugly, taped-up garbage bags and paper towels I was using to combat the spraying.  The shields have a very strong adhesive but can also be removed and re-applied.  Also, if your particular litter box is too narrow for the shields, you can easily cut the shields down to fit the proper dimensions.  So they can work on litter boxes of all shapes and sizes!" - Shane

★★★★★ "This is a life-saver! No more cleaning AROUND the litter box every day since my cat doesn’t really “squat” when he goes (due to some hind leg issues he was born with). This makes life much easier, and it’s so nice to not have to worry about checking the floor/walls around his litter box every day!" - Christy Fox-Martini

★★★★★ "I thought I tried everything - different size litter boxes, multiple boxes, boxes with and without covers - but nothing was working. Then I found the Pee Pee Shield and saw the video on their website site and it all made sense. I’m so happy to have found this item. No more cat pee on the litter mat or on the floor. I’m so thrilled. I highly recommend this product. Don’t delay! Grab one now!" - Suzanne Champagne

★★★★★  - Alyssa

★★★★★ "Awesome! It works like a charm. I would recommend getting more then one." - amberbrackenbury

★★★★★ "I didn't want to get a whole new litterbox for my cat but needed just one side protected from the dreaded standing pee. this works perfectly!" - Emily Tinklenberg

★★★★★ "So easy and simple but absolutely genius!" - Heather N Dwayne

★★★★★  - afgpetvetso

★★★★★ "These have already saved several “catastrophes”! Great solution to the “high-pee-er” issue! They arrived very quickly & were a snap to “install”! The extra pieces of Velcro were perfect for me to form a rounded corner on my litter box! So far, this is a great product!" - Melody

★★★★★ "Very nice product! Attached it to my stainless litter pan and it’s perfect….cats had no problem using it. Fast delivery. Recommend seller, shop and product." - Deb Huffman

★★★★★ "Fantastic idea - EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you for providing the solution I needed!" - Carin B.

★★★★★ "Awesome, been a life saver once I got the in the right spot. Sadly my cat pees toward a corner each time so I had to wrap it around a corner but once there it’s perfect." - Sarah Parker

★★★★★ "Such a great product! So glad someone finally made these for those high pee-ers we struggle with! 😻" - taskinillusion

★★★★★ "These work great. Solved all the over pee problems. I’m so thankful for this product." - Stephanie

★★★★★ "Perfect for my extra tall boy who likes to aim straight back! So happy I found this product!!!!" - TeliaPress

★★★★★ "Works exactly as expected: no more puddles behind the litter box from a "near miss". Easy to install and clean!" - Michael

★★★★★ "This is a great product! I have one cat that no matter what kind of litter box I use he pees over it or into the grooves where the top meets the bottom. I used this on a high sided box and it works perfectly. Thank you". - dogdays

★★★★★ "This item is working great. I wish there was a corner piece that could be made. I did bend 3 together, but there's still a little Gap. But so far they're working great." - Donna Smith

★★★★★ "This is great, super easy to install and the perfect size for our cat litter pan which is inside a hidden cat box." - Julia Walls

★★★★★ "Perfect and easy to install!" - Diane

★★★★★ "High quality. Fast shipping. I highly recommend this product. I'm hoping it solves my litter box issue." - Lori Stringer

★★★★★ "This product is great and so smart! I stuck it on the back of my cat's litter box and now I don't have to worry about her kicking litter into the corner. Thanks!!" - Elizabeth

★★★★★ "The shield is a great idea. I was reading about the best set up for a litter box and apparently, cats don't like covers. I was concerned about getting rid of it because my kitten likes to scratch the sides of the box after he goes and I was afraid he would start scratching the wall instead. The shield prevented that and it's great for anyone who is dealing with this problem. I also received it in a timely fashion." - trinibobo

★★★★★ "It meets all my expectations. No more litter on the floor." - melynn53

★★★★★ - Jeanette

★★★★★ - Lynda Miller

★★★★★ "What a life saver! We have a lot of cats and it's mainly just one who is the problem child and it's a female. She doesn't squat. We have regular litter boxes with high sides and we also have the purina breeze litter systems. The xl version. She walks right into a litter box turns around and doesn't squat she's a tall cat and it just shoots right out the back. We were using pee pads hung up on the wall and under the boxes to help and then I found these. What an awesome product! That little piece of Velcro that you include really helps because the litter systems aren't flush across the sides so I used that to help keep the panels straight. I'll probably be ordering more now that I know they work! Thank you!" - Dawn

★★★★★ "Great idea! So far this seems to work great, except Miss stubborn decides to face toward the front of the box sometimes, but when she doesn't the spray is contained. It would be nice if there were an all in one piece though. Vendor shipped very quickly!" - Darlene

★★★★★ "Exactly what I was looking for. I was trying to figure out how to create this exact thing myself. Then I just decided to check Amazon, surely they had something. Right? Well they did and I bought 2 packs initially. Worked great until my cat decided he needed to turn the other way in the litter boxes. So I purchased another pack and will cut those to put on the tiny open spots where he can still aim high! I was way to excited when I found these and they’re perfect! Seller was awesome too, I had to do two orders separately because I realized I needed a second pack. She sent me a message to make sure I really wanted two since they were separate orders. I thought this was great instead of getting and paying for two if I only wanted one." - Tammy Bates

★★★★★ "My cat's superpower is peeing clear over her extra tall litter box walls and soaking all the dog pee pads stuffed behind it. This pee shield has saved my life." - bonnietreiber

★★★★★ "Works great no more puppy pads for my vertical peeing cat." - Patricia

★★★★★ "Item shipped really fast. It's perfect and I couldn't be happier. We have two boy cats and one of our litter boxes doesn't have a lid. It's a high back litterbox, but our boys still manage to potty outside of it. I was looking all over for some kind of universal shield and found peepeeshield (love the name too). The 3M sticky works great. Per instructions, clean & dry where you're going to place it and stick it on. Voila, easy as that." - Justin

★★★★★ "Excellent! Relieved our litter box woes. Our PeePeeShields arrived promptly and work well. We have a senior arthritic girl who sometimes is unable to maintain her squat during elimination. The shields keep everything inside the box, and clean up easily and odor free with water and rocco and roxie. They are translucent enough to see through and sturdy enough to stand up to curious kittens. Excellence all around." - Helen Hall

★★★★★ "Items arrived promptly and work very well. I have 2 senior cats with arthritis, and I wanted something that would help guide them and reduce spray outside of the litter box. These shields do great, and I use a spray bottle of water and nature's miracle to keep them clean and odor-free." - David A. Douglas

★★★★★ "Arrived quickly. My very special boy cat kept peeing on the wall over the litter box and this is the solution that works. I tried getting him a covered box but he kept peeing out of the opening like a dumbass. So, very pleased to have the Pee Pee Shield." - Mendi Menefee

★★★★★ "Simple yet highly effective. Also great for keeping litter that gets kicked around inside the box. Easy to install and doesn’t bother my cat." - KC Moss

★★★★★ "These are exactly what we needed- I wish I would have bought them earlier!" - Brieanne Gallaway

★★★★★ "Better than I expected. I wasn’t sure if the 3M tape would stick to the box or if my cat would try to tear the shields down but so far so good! Easy to clean too. Thank you! This has changed our kitty bathroom habits tremendously not to mention saved our sanity for cleaning up after him. He’s a very messy male kitten." - BelleMaisonetMoi

★★★★★ "My cat doesn't always squat when she uses the litter box. No medical reason, just sometimes she stands. Even w/ a high sided litter box there were still mishaps. This is wonderful. It makes the litter box 'taller' without having to get a bigger litter box. The seller was very helpful and the item shipped quickly." - deekahbr

★★★★ "I need it for the end that is opened. It doesn't really fit that well but I made it work. If you can make one that closes off the lower end, please let me know. Thanks." - Sallie

★★★★★ "Seems to be working great so far. Such a lifesaver." - Megan Obrien

★★★★★ - Gillian and Cristy

★★★★★ "Works great at keeping in the litter box, what should stay in the litter box!" - DigitalContrast

★★★★★ "This is a great product and exactly what I was looking for." - Kelly

★★★★★ - Isabel McKinley

★★★★★ "EXACTLY what I've been needing to keep my older cat's pee inside the box. He likes to aim high and at the very edge -- and often overshoots, causing a smelly mess that I was constantly having to clean up. None of the high-sided litterboxes I researched were the right size and shape for the weird, small, side-entry litterbox enclosure I have in my tiny NYC apartment. I got one of these shields for the back of the box and am so relieved to have the pee contained that I just ordered two more for the front and side so when he kicks up the litter that will stay contained too. Now I have a totally customized high-sided litterbox!" - Rebecca G.

★★★★★ "Excellent product & customer service." - Kathy Simon

★★★★★ "Works so well! Just what I was looking for, great quality!" - Maria

★★★★★ "I love the shield for helping to keep the litter in the box!! Excellent idea!!!" - Carol Jaquez

★★★★★ "Excellent idea! I love this product for the simple fact that the litter remains in the box! No more scatter or pee pee all over the floor!" - Gina

★★★★★ "These work great! My cat doesn't care for enclosed litter boxes, so I purchased these for three sides of his litter pan which greatly reduce his aggressive flinging of sand everywhere and possibly other things! Highly recommended if you have a messy cat. Very fast shipping also!" - Susan Delaney

★★★★★ "I recently bought a cat box that was a little bit out of my price range. Unfortunately, the sides had gaps which allows cat pee to seep through. Since getting this shield, I haven’t found any cat pee on my floor and my room no longer smells like stale urine! This inexpensive product saved my cat box investment. I’d give 20 stars if I could." - Middletonrache

★★★★★ "Great product, easy to install on litter pan and very fast shipping!" - Susan Delaney

★★★★★ "Great product!! Changes the litter box experience, saves time, keeps tidy, and my cat prefers his new privacy! Would recommend" - Karianne Quinlan

★★★★★ "As a breeder who constantly has dozens of kittens to litter train, this was a game changer. It's easy to use, durable, wipes clean with soap and water, and saves your walls from those unexpected splatters. I'd highly recommend getting 2, one for the front and back of your litter box, so all the bases are covered. Why not just get an enclosed litter box was my initial thought, but many cats will not go into them if they're too closed off as it reminds them of being in a carrier for those horrid vet trips. In addition, the waste on those enclosed litter boxes gets stuck in the cracks where the top meets the litter box, and you have to take the entire thing off to spray it down, provided you notice it. The light weight and clear material of the Pee Pee Shield allows your cat to see through it, and makes for easy clean up" - Darian

★★★★★ "
Brilliant!! Just what my cats needed so the litter doesn’t fly everywhere. My item arrived so quickly and is top quality. If you don’t have one, you need one now!" - sarahjanema

★★★★★ "Purchased the Pee Pee Shield for a friend and they are so impressed with the quality. Not only keeps pee from going outside the box but litter and other STUFF as well. 5 STARS!!!" - Lori

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